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      Upcoming Series!   04/24/2017

      We are proud to announce the 2017 MotoSavage Amateur Nationals presented by MXS Events & MotoMechanics! This will be a 12 Round Series aimed towards AM Riders. This is a great series to get your feet wet in online MX Sim Racing! We are here to help if you need anything. We will be offering the following classes:  125/250 Amateur, 250T/450 Amateur, and Open. Some of the tracks for this series will be custom built and new, some of the tracks will be previously built tracks that are not necessarily the "most fun" but best suitable for racing and competition.

      Sign ups will be available @  http://mxslobby.com/series.php?series_id=104   SIGN UPS AND QUALIFYING WILL END AT 7:30PM CST Tuesday Night Format:
      UID Grab for All Classes - 7:45pm CST
      Motos will begin at 8 pm CST
      125/250 AMATEUR Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      250T/450 AMATEUR Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      OPEN Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      ------ Small 2-5 Minute Intermission -------
      125/250 AMATEUR Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      250T/450 AMATEUR Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      OPEN Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      Series Rules:

      All Protests are to be made through MXSLobby by clicking the Protest button within the series page
      Any suspensions will not allow you to signup until your suspension concludes
      AMATEUR - People who have never raced any Pro classes previously. RF/EMF/MXSlobby
      OPEN - Anyone can sign up and race this class.
      Rider's will be eligible to race 2 classes - Open Class and Amateur. This would work for both 250 classes and 450 classes   Please sign up for your respective classes.. We will check signups before the start of each race to make sure there is no funny business. 
      If we find you guilty of sandbagging,  you will be moved up to your respective class and lose all your points and start fresh at 0... So please sign up for the right class.  Prizes: TBA**
        Series Sponsors: - Looking for a team or personal render? Message him on Facebook or Instagram !
       - A new Action Sports apparel company, need some new Tee's? Click the logo!  - Check them out for your graphic needs! more to come hopefully!   Credits: Ruble Trackworkz - Making tracks and really helping us put the series together! MXS Events - All their help for the site and helping put everything together. JGMX - Helping get some tracks together! MXS Lobby/Flowtech - Hooking up MXS Events with the servers and also all the help from Sammy for anything else.


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  1. On discord, people will just randomly post races like "elimination in 30 minutes or something", stuff that doesn't need qualifying and will help you with consistency. elimination races are good for helping learn, a lot of people post them in the various discords, if you go to MXS Lobby on the homepage, they have a link to their discord where all the new races and series will be posted
  2. No problem dude, the best thing is to just jump into those races man. Like real life, going against people faster than you will only make you better as you try to keep up with them. Also, try joining some of the discord groups, there's always random races and stuff being shared. It will all make you better, just gotta practice and try to keep up
  3. check out MXS Lobby, there's always amateur/novice series going on
  4. Basically look up any JGMX tracks, almost all of his have elevation
  5. Dude, this is sick! The environment is phenomenal and the track is just killer! This has everything I look for in a track, I don't even know what to say man. The fogginess and the water and just everything overall makes this track stand out from other tracks, gives it the local feel like you were looking for with fun jumps and smooth sections. 10/10 from me
  6. I understand this is older and was made by someone else already, but I wanted to practice and allow the community to use it for free when I'm done
  7. Noice Job
  8. Is this all for the series?
  9. I've never had a team or bothered with it, so I don't know how this works. But, if anyone that doesn't have one would like to create a "team", I can design graphics (for the Suzuki only though) as well as get gear with numbers and crap. Just an idea for any privateers looking to run some new graphics or anything for the upcoming Keystone nationals series. Working on a kit right now with Ride365.com as the main idea, if anyone likes the idea, I'd be glad to help out
  10. Hey guys, this is my first ever gear release. Yeah, it's simple. Yeah, it's not the best. But, it was my first ever and I feel pretty accomplished. So, today I release the 2017 Alias A2 Vented gear sets. Included are the three different colorways I will be selling the PSD for $50 for anyone interested! Alright, not really, that'd be crazy even though some people do it. To support the privateers and people just learning about skinning, I will be releasing the PSD and everything for free, just please make sure to give me credit. Thanks to: SilverSkate for the template I used (from the Vexea gears he released for free and also past Alias gears hew made) Coco #194 for the sick Sidi boots Anyone who downloads my graphics and other stuff (love y'all) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hr7xn7iaud3ng4b/AAAoAD3575mujLn1QK-I7aVGa?dl=0 Thanks for downloading and hope everyone likes it!
  11. First time trying to replicate a gear. I know it's extremely simple but I'm working hard. I think it's gonna turn out well except I can't make norms or shading
  12. Really liking the idea of the Jeske Customs 125, the Slusser Replica would also be really nice and honorable though