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      Upcoming Series!   04/24/2017

      We are proud to announce the 2017 MotoSavage Amateur Nationals presented by MXS Events & MotoMechanics! This will be a 12 Round Series aimed towards AM Riders. This is a great series to get your feet wet in online MX Sim Racing! We are here to help if you need anything. We will be offering the following classes:  125/250 Amateur, 250T/450 Amateur, and Open. Some of the tracks for this series will be custom built and new, some of the tracks will be previously built tracks that are not necessarily the "most fun" but best suitable for racing and competition.

      Sign ups will be available @  http://mxslobby.com/series.php?series_id=104   SIGN UPS AND QUALIFYING WILL END AT 7:30PM CST Tuesday Night Format:
      UID Grab for All Classes - 7:45pm CST
      Motos will begin at 8 pm CST
      125/250 AMATEUR Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      250T/450 AMATEUR Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      OPEN Moto 1 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      ------ Small 2-5 Minute Intermission -------
      125/250 AMATEUR Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      250T/450 AMATEUR Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      OPEN Moto 2 - 20 Minutes + 1 laps
      Series Rules:

      All Protests are to be made through MXSLobby by clicking the Protest button within the series page
      Any suspensions will not allow you to signup until your suspension concludes
      AMATEUR - People who have never raced any Pro classes previously. RF/EMF/MXSlobby
      OPEN - Anyone can sign up and race this class.
      Rider's will be eligible to race 2 classes - Open Class and Amateur. This would work for both 250 classes and 450 classes   Please sign up for your respective classes.. We will check signups before the start of each race to make sure there is no funny business. 
      If we find you guilty of sandbagging,  you will be moved up to your respective class and lose all your points and start fresh at 0... So please sign up for the right class.  Prizes: TBA**
        Series Sponsors: - Looking for a team or personal render? Message him on Facebook or Instagram !
       - A new Action Sports apparel company, need some new Tee's? Click the logo!  - Check them out for your graphic needs! more to come hopefully!   Credits: Ruble Trackworkz - Making tracks and really helping us put the series together! MXS Events - All their help for the site and helping put everything together. JGMX - Helping get some tracks together! MXS Lobby/Flowtech - Hooking up MXS Events with the servers and also all the help from Sammy for anything else.

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  5. This is a sick track, keep up the good work!!! 10/10 of the track
  6. Can an of you guys help me add decals and statues to my track im making? IDK how
  7. for the bike i want a blue and red color scheme on a ktm 250sxf 2016 or 17, and for the gear id want a red, black, and blue color scheme by the way the name i want on it is blizzard and the number is 115 thanks
  8. looking for someone to make me Honda Crf250r with name and number on it. something like this but obviously a crf four stroke with some yoshimura exhaust e and number on it
  9. screenies

    Some screenshots i made for colton on his red plate. First one i did not use atoms cc but i got lazy and used it on the rest
  10. On discord, people will just randomly post races like "elimination in 30 minutes or something", stuff that doesn't need qualifying and will help you with consistency. elimination races are good for helping learn, a lot of people post them in the various discords, if you go to MXS Lobby on the homepage, they have a link to their discord where all the new races and series will be posted
  11. Thanks SO much. Its amazing how much feedback I have gotten from this track and I just want to thank all of you guys!
  12. dude! I've never commented on any tracks on any of the sim forums but i can't help it in this situation. this track is killer bro! the traction is perfect, the ruts just hold you perfectly and the lines are so smooth. even the environment is unbelievable with the water on track and i could care less about off track i didn't even notice it. please keep these tracks coming bro!
  13. I have had the game for three years and just starting getting pretty decent like a tried to qualify for Moto's Savage last race and at the end of qualifying I was like 57th fastest so idk just wanna do more racing and actually get to do races. So on the discord how you go about getting the races and stuff?
  14. No problem dude, the best thing is to just jump into those races man. Like real life, going against people faster than you will only make you better as you try to keep up with them. Also, try joining some of the discord groups, there's always random races and stuff being shared. It will all make you better, just gotta practice and try to keep up
  15. Well that's where I have been checking out the racing and it's more towards and than anything but thanks for the tip man!
  16. check out MXS Lobby, there's always amateur/novice series going on
  17. Thank you guys so much! I have been on vacation so the next track might take some time. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN MY NEXT TRACK
  18. I know this question gets asked alot, but I will ask again is there anyone out there does a novice (no sandbagging) racing series. I feel like you get alot of the fast am guys taking up some of the beginners just a though I no it take alot of time and effort to make a series happen and stuff so jw if anyone has any ideas.
  19. Replica track I'm currently working on.
  20. Made the 2018 TLD GP Air Prisma gear. I think it looks pretty bad.
  21. sick track once again man!
  22. Guido made a sick video on this track .
  23. maybe if you don't want like a bunch of trees for a forest just like some 3d grass and maybe small bush's just little things but that's just me
  24. thanks guys.
  25. Basically look up any JGMX tracks, almost all of his have elevation
  26. http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=43020 http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=42686 http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18071
  27. I live in Iowa and one of my favorite tracks is hilly. I love tracks of the sort, and would appreciate if you could help me find any.
  28. Damn thanks for that video dude!! so sick. Yea the outskirts of the track is pretty blank I didn't really know what to put. I tried putting those mountains to help blend it in. Any ideas on what I could put? but thanks a tooon for posting this!!!!!
  29. This track is a 10/10 i just kinda wish you had some more environment outside the track it just feels kinda blank but the inside and all the stuff you do have on it is a 10/10 and that pond <3. i will have a hotlap/just 125 lap video soon.
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